Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Digital Renaissance or Digital Resistance?

Are you technologically dependant or defiant? Do you find yourself completely attached to your personal communication devices (cell phone, laptop etc)? More and more I am starting to realize how completely dependant people are these days on technology.
Okay, here’s an example of how ridiculously attached one of my best friends is to not only her Crackberry but her laptop too. Reading week…a time to party, relax and let go of life at home…right? Wrong! She brought not only her cell phone but her laptop and iPod too! Like honestly what is the point? Her reasoning behind bringing both was that she needed to do some homework and be able to text her boyfriend and call her mom. Sure letting your parents know that you’re still alive is important, I understand that…but sending tons of text messages a day and a couple of phone calls in a week while in another country isn’t necessary or cheap. Definitely hurt her dad’s wallet. I find it completely distressing that some people allow technology to become such a large part of their lives. My best friend is a prime example of how people are becoming consumed by technology. I don’t think that she could last a day without her cell phone and I’m not exaggerating…she has an addiction, technology has destroyed her. She cannot be saved. I can’t go out for dinner, be in the same vehicle with her or have a normal conversation with her because her full attention is on her phone. Her hand is glued. It would be nice to have a conversation with her where she is fully present, and actually paying attention…I miss those days!
All of this leads to my point about how individuals view technology differently, the resistance versus renaissance binary is an incredibly contentious and relevant issue plaguing contemporary society. Quite obviously I’m a resister, I choose not to adopt new technologies so easily because I don’t to become one of ‘those’ people that walk around ignoring life, living in a techno-bubble...never stopping to ‘smell the roses’. Most importantly is how these innovations are affecting human social relationships. People don’t smile when you pass them on the street anymore because they’re much too busy listening to their iPod’s, people don’t interact like they did even five years ago. Media convergence is breaking us down not keeping us together!

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