Friday, April 3, 2009

The Revolution of Fantasy Sports

In the realm of fantasy sports, the internet has created a social network unavailable to the average sports fan a decade ago. The days of meeting at a central location to conduct a live draft are over. No more pleading with your friend to host you and your 20 buddies for a night of beer and potato chips; A night in which the wives have to leave the house so that they do not disrupt the focus and devotion of these avid sports fans.
And what about those fans who left without such a group of friends? They welcome the start of a new season with only the excitement of sitting in their basement watching their favourite team play each night, with only their pet dog to discuss and analyze that night’s box score. The idea of joining into a hockey pool is restricted by the lack of social capital acquired through the years of childhood rejection and punishment.
Now enter the world of online fantasy sports leagues. These leagues are revolutionizing the world of sports. Those who used to sit at home directing their exclusive attention towards their favourite team, are now following the scores across the league and cheering for players they used to despise, only because this player is on their fantasy team. On top of this, that guy who sat with no friends now can enter an online league with sports fans all across the globe in a similar state. There is no longer a need to meet at a central location to conduct a draft, but rather an online draft allows participants from all over the world to log in and compete with others to select the premiere fantasy team. Online fantasy pools have opened up a whole new social network available to diehards across the country.


  1. This online fantasy sports leagues have become a revolution in society. The amount of people i know who take part in fantasy leagues is shocking. it is just another cool way to be involved with the sports you love. You become a participant in these fantasy leagues and are no longer the traditional consumer. This idea of being involved in the success of your team is what these users love so much. It is just another thing that men can brag about to their friends. This online tool has brought fans together to battle it out and see who is truly the best.

  2. There is no doubt that these online fantasy sports leagues are a definite type of social networking for sports fans across the globe! And remember its not just men in these online forums...women are a part of the sphere as well!